Everyone has a signature strength, something that they’re good at and enjoy doing. Perhaps you’re good at interior decor, or making delicious breakfast, or problem solving or gardening. Every time we use that skill of ours, whatever it is, we’ll experience a burst of happiness. So if you’re feeling like you could use a mood booster, get back in touch with the talent you haven’t used for quite some time.

Even more powerful than using a skill, is exercising your strength of character, a trait that makes us the person we are. There are 24 character strengths that are said to contribute the most to happiness. To find out what your top five signature strengths are, take the survey at for free.

One research had nearly 600 participants pick one of their signature strengths and exercise it in a new way every single day for a week. These people become significantly happier and less depressed, and better yet, the benefit of increased level of happiness remained high even until six months later. It’s safe to conclude that the more you use your signature strengths in your daily life, the happier you will be. Find out your signature strengths, and try to exercise at least one of these strengths every day in your life, and see how much more joy you’ll feel in your heart.


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