Your most important assets are your employees. When you can increase happiness at work, you’ll have fewer sick days, less stress, and much more productive company. Here are some sample topics that I can tailor for you for everything from a Lunch & Learn workshops to keynote addresses.

Research shows that 75% of our success is predicted not by intelligence, but by our optimism, our ability to manage stress positively, and our social supports. Increasing happiness in your workplace is key and will result in positive changes that cascade around your environment. It enables your team’s mindset and brains to be transformed from one that looks for negatives and blocks success to one that’s able to scan the world for opportunities and ideas, further propelling your chances for growth and success rate. This talk provides practical applications for reaping the benefit of happiness as competitive advantage for your success.
The difference between companies that are merely surviving versus those that are thriving often lies on the behaviours of their managers and teams. Those who are able to maintain rationally optimistic leadership amidst difficult time have higher levels of success. They’re able to overcome helplessness and see a way out that is often overlooked by their pessimistic counterparts. Best leaders view every challenge as an opportunity to prime their team members for excellence, by creating a culture that highlights the meaning from every work: a culture of trust that enables them to boost engagement and achieve tangible results.
Research shows that 10% our long term level of happiness and success are predicted based upon our external circumstance, whereas how your brain processes that external world plays a 90% role. Optimism is the scientific key to our success. When we pick the most valuable reality where our behaviour matters and the actions we take can improve our circumstances, we can begin to respond to challenges more effectively. The objective of this talk is to train your brain to process the world in such a way, that you’ll be able to direct your energy, emotional and intellectual resources for greater happiness and tangible successes.
New researches proves that stress has enhancing benefits for our health, well-being and work performance. Stressed employees who have been trained to see and embrace stress from this perspective can significantly reduce stress-related health symptoms. On top of it, they are able to transform stress and pressure into additional drive and energy to increase their performance and productivity. This talk presents employees and management with the tools and strategies to take advantage the stress they have in their life and use it to strengthen teamwork, increase productivity, intensify work satisfaction, and lead a happier life.
Social connection is the greatest predictor of long-term happiness and well-being. While some worries that technology is making us less capable of having real conversations, recent studies shows that embedding technology in your day-to-day interaction can create stronger ties, build tribe, and plays an important role in starting and spreading positive changes. Thriving in the era of connectivity is about staying focused on consciously connecting. By rethinking why and how we use technology, we could direct our focus to increase engagement and create meaningful connections to facilitate growth and happiness at our workplace.


These are some of the state-of-the-art services in personal and profesional image development for corporate clients I provide that are designed to help your company stand out from your competition. Please reach out to me to find out more customisation options for your company.

This service is designed to elevate and refine the professional appearance of your best talents. Our process starts with an assessment of your executives current image, style and personal presence, and followed by a thorough wardrobe review with optional guided shopping session or personalised style portfolio. Your executives will be equipped with a strategic and highly actionable image development blueprint to ensure continuous maintenance and improvement. Taking your executives’ image to the next level and setting the bar high in this area is a strategic move that can be the differentiating winning factor between you and your competitors.
Your employees reflect your company’s brand image not only through their work, but also through the way they look and carry themselves. In this service, I help you create your own distinctive brand image that entails detailed specifications from a head-to-toe appearance for everyone in your company: from your frontliners to your C-suite executives. Whether or not your company requires corporate uniforms, I’ll help you with the concept, details and process to create a distinctive look unique to your corporate values and identity. At the end of the service, you’ll have a guidebook that serves as your HR Image & Style Handbook.