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happiness leads to success

Decades of research consistently show just that.

If you raise your happiness, you raise your success. Our brains are hardwired to perform at their best not when they are negative nor neutral, but when they are positive. Training your brain to be more positive fuels greater success.

Happiness is a competitive advantage. This competitive edge is available to all of us who are willing to put in the effort. Anyone can become happier, pessimists can be optimists, and we can train our brains to see more possibilities and opportunities.

Happiness is a skill, a habit, a work ethics, and above all, it is a choice.

How can raise your happiness while striving for your potentials?
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“She’s so ugly she’s cute,” was what people said of me during infancy. I guess the cute part only came after the fact that I was an infant who was extremely generous with my smile, always either smiling or laughing in my waking hours. During early and middle childhood, I grew up to be a kid who was lively, brave and welcoming. Still the ugly duckling of the family, and still the happiest one. While most kids were apprehensive on their first day of preschool, I remembered seeing it as a paradise I couldn’t wait to explore. I waved happily at my Mum, telling her she didn’t need to wait up for me and quickly ran to rush inside.

Looking back, I see how I’ve always had this innate joy in me, even when things were no longer sunshine and unicorns. Adolescence came with its own challenges, and I began to truly internalise how it feels and what it means to be labeled unattractive. I was overweight for most of my highschool years and had to endure the occasional verbal bullying. Yet I knew in my heart that every obstacle is a chance for us to be better at something, and with a happy heart we gain extra courage to conquer challenges. I was determined to make the best use of my highschool years. I pursued things that sparked my interests: from music, art, design, languages, to the dynamics of human interactions and psychology. I then went on to win 41 language competitions, became leaders for students organizations and was quite the stellar student. I also adopted healthier lifestyle, lost over 35 pounds and had a newly found appreciation for style and beauty. For I finally see them as a form of art and design with human beings as the canvas, and started to dream of a career where I could help people this way.

“Happiness fuels success from within.
Style fuels success from without.
Embrace both and you’ll be unstoppable.”

From then on, I was convinced that a happy brain is the key to turning your weaknesses into strengths, your struggles into victory. I scored full scholarships for my college education and graduated with Summa Cum Laude, before scoring another MBA scholarship in London to graduate with Distinction. London provided me with the opportunities I could only dream of years earlier: image consulting training at the London Image Institute and fashion projects in Milan. Afterwards I flew to New York to study celebrity styling and runway production at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I also studied makeup artistry at the Make Up Designory New York, and graduated from the School of Style with personal styling and menswear styling certifications. I was fortunate to be able to take part in prestigious projects for world class designers like Valentino and Vera Wang to name a few. New York also gave me the opportunity to work with and learn from Hollywood’s top talents, and I was thrilled to have earned the breadth of knowledge, experience and credentials under my belt to help as many people look and live their best. I felt unstoppable!

‘Happiness to fuel success’ pretty much represents the kind of spirit & work ethics I carry in over a decade of my career upon returning to Indonesia. I’d create an environment of warmth and positivity wherever and whomever I work with. This is my personal blueprint, and it never failed to bring out the best in every single person in every team I’ve ever had to work with: from running an image consulting business; working with my personal clients; starting a new music school with my sister; being the Editor-in-Chief for several internationally franchised magazines; being the Image & Style Director for some of Indonesian top TV networks, to consulting for Fortune 500 companies.

This site is created to share that happy secrets with you, for you to strive for your greatest potentials and be the happiest and most successful version of yourself. I’m delighted to connect with you and look forward to our exciting journey together.

With all my love,