Happiness is contagious, and you have the power to franchise new positive habits both at home and in your workplace.

To start small, try flexing your smile muscle five extra times a day. I don’t mean you should only smile five times a day, rather, give five extra smiles on top of all the smiles you’re used to sharing daily.

You can smile at the waitress before you submit your order, smile at the department store attendants you walk into, smile at that person you’ve never been formally introduced to but work in the same company/building, smile at someone you is while walking in the park, or smile at random stranger you lock eyes with while walking. Or you can also give three extra smiles during a meeting or a sales pitch and see how you’ll be able to lift the mood in the room almost instantly.

Don’t worry about making yourself look like a fool. Trust me, you won’t. There’s enough scientific study to back up the fact that you can appear more socially and emotionally intelligent by smiling. Give five extra smiles a day and you’ll be amazed at just how quickly this change the quality of the interactions you have with everyone around you. And you’ll soon notice that they start to pick up the same habit as yours even subconsciously. Just a small proof that happiness is indeed contagious.


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