Signature Style Script For Him

You open your closet to get dressed, and once again you realise you can’t seem to find something to wear that you truly feel invincible in. Yes you have lots of clothes, but none makes you feel your most powerful, attractive, best self. It’s not like you didn’t try either. You’ve secretly envisioned your own style upgrade, saved all the style inspirations those cool dudes on Instagram are wearing, dedicated a weekend to do your online and offline shopping. Deliberate and methodical. Your excitement quickly turned into disappointment when you put on your new purchases and realise you look off. Where did it go wrong? Why is it way harder than it looks?

Stop trying to do it yourself! Let me be the key part of your style transformation, then you’re free to keep going at your own pace. I’ll help you find your inner beast to develop your own sense of style. We’ll break down the magic formula I use with my most powerful clients and bring it to you (online) at a fraction of the price.

What’s included


Get 125+ pages of your head-to-toe signature style formulas. This is a personalised image & style guide thoughtfully created just for you, so you have a clear understanding on how to make all the different elements come together, and how to turn you into the most stylish & powerful version of yourself.


Fully customised & extensive blueprint outlining your style upgrade direction, for you to have a clear path on your transformation journey at your own pace and comfort.


A thorough analysis on your body type. Specifically what silhouettes and pieces to wear, and how to make sure the fit of your suits and clothing are impeccable and timeless.


Annotations on your personal style strength. What you’ve done well and should continue to do, as well as what particular changes are needed and which improvements are to be your focus going forward.


Get secret techniques you could apply so you know to dress immaculately and have great eye for tailoring.


Facial type analysis and exhibits of coolest hairstyles that works best for you and your lifestyle. Styles that complements your new style direction, highlights your best facial features and bring out the best of your personality.


Head-to-toe accessories recommendations to complete your look that may include: glasses, sunglasses,ties, watches, cuff links, belts, handbags and shoes.


Showcase of designers whose design aesthetics channels the charisma you’re after, so you know whose work to check out season after season to push your sartorial boundaries in style.


Best style trends you could pull off, add personal touch and tweaks, so you can invent your own classics, your own way. This way, you truly understand how to make a trend work for you.


Worksheets, style assignments and shopping lists to help you continue on your style journey.

Perfect for you if


You want your appearance to send the right message about your success level, status and social standing.


You want to know how to best dress yourself in a way that commands respect and make powerful impression.


You’re at a new stage of your life (i.e. recently promoted or divorced) and want to reclaim your new identity confidently.


You realise your current appearance isn’t showing off your best qualities at work and in personal life.


You want to discover the best way to become the most immaculately dressed gentleman version of yourself.


You would love to work with an image & style expert but are not yet ready to invest in in-person services.


You want me to lay out the transformation blueprint for you to follow at your own pace and comfort level.

Step Further

Character. Intelligence. Strength. Style. That’s the mark of a true gentleman.

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