Style Stats Report For Her

You might think that you’re doing quite alright when it comes to your personal style. But how can you be 100% sure? Afterall, It’s only natural that you have blind spots with the things you’ve grown accustomed to. And the people closest to you? Your boyfriend/husband/partner/sister/mother, you know they’re not necessarily the best judge either. So what if the makeup you wear every day, the wardrobe you spent years building, and the personal style you believe you look your best in aren’t doing you justice? And what if you have all this untapped style potential you could unleash that you never knew before?

Let me lend you my professional insight: the spot-on feedback, advice and style direction you need to be in the tip-top shape of your style game and be that strikingly gorgeous woman you know you deserve to be.

What’s included


Get 50+ pages of your signature style secret formula. These are personalised image & style recommendations tailored just for you, so you not only know what your current style is saying about you, but also have clear steps of action to follow on your way to being your most stunning self.


Detailed annotations on the personal style strength & body type assets you never know you had. The smartest ways to turn your weakness (the body parts you like least) into your strengths. Learn to play out your assets to look your sexiest in no time.


Top style trends you could adopt and make your own so brilliantly it looks like you have a personal stylist working full time for you.


Best hairstyles for your face shape and facial features so you know exactly what types of hairstyles you’ll look good in without paying the price of trial & error, without being heartbroken and feeling like it’s the end-of-the-world when that Emma Stone’s hairstyle you requested ended up making you look like Dora the Explorer (no offence, Dora).


Best makeup styles for your face shape, facial features and personality. So you never have to mindlessly binge-watch Youtube hoping to find that one life-changing beauty video (unless that’s what you do for fun), and never have to spend tons of money on cosmetics you don’t end up liking or wearing much.


A selection of clothing & accessories personally curated for you so that you know exactly what to buy and what not to buy the next time you go on a shopping spree.

Perfect for you if

Style Rut

You recognise the danger of being stuck in a style rut, but don’t know how to improve your appearance.


You want access to an image & style expert’s opinion because you know that’s an advice you can really trust.


You need a little help to point you to the right direction, and you’ll be confident enough to step up your style game.

Step Further

Because your great personality deserves a ravishing outer appearance!

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