Signature Style Script For Her

Imagine opening your closet to get dressed, and once again you realise you can’t ever seem to find something to wear that you truly love. Yes you have lots of clothes, but none makes you feel your strongest, most attractive, best self. It’s not like you didn’t try either. You’ve envisioned your own style makeover, saved all the style inspirations you found on instagram, dedicated a weekend to do your online and offline shopping. Your excitement quickly turned into disappointment when you put on your new purchases and realise you look nothing like those women on Instagram. What happened? Why is it always harder than it looks?

Stop trying to do it yourself! Let me be a part of your style transformation, and you’re free to move along at your own pace. I’ll help you find your vibe to develop your very own sense of style. We’ll break down the magic formula I use with my in-person clients and bring it to you online.

What’s included


Get 125+ pages of your very own head-to-toe signature style formulas. This is a personalised image & style guide thoughtfully created just for you, so you have a clear understanding on how to make all the different elements come together, and how to turn you into the most stunning and authentic version of yourself.


Fully customised & extensive blueprint outlining your new style direction, for you to embark on your transformation journey at your own pace and comfort.


A thorough analysis on your body type, so that you know what silhouettes and what pieces in particular are most flattering for your body type: what to wear and what not to wear.


Annotations on your personal style strength so you know what you’ve done well and should continue to do, as well as which improvement to focus on going forward.


Get secret techniques you could apply to infuse your everyday look with a zest of your own unique individuality. Whether you wish to to stand out or to blend in, you to have these tricks up your sleeves.


Facial type analysis and most recommended makeup looks that not only complements your new style direction but also highlights your best facial features and bring out the best of your personality.


Exhibits of most flattering hairstyles based on your face shape, facial features and style personality. Plenty of hairstyles to choose from that you could wear for extra oomph: for work, daily life, as well as special occasions.


Head-to-toe accessories recommendations to complete your look that may include: glasses, sunglasses, earrings, rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, belts, handbags, clutches and shoes.


Showcase of designers whose design aesthetics channels your inner spirit & style personality, so you know whose work to follow season after season and never again be left out of style.


Best style trends you could pull off, add personal touch and tweaks, so you can invent your own classics, your own way. This way, you'll never again follow any trends blindly.


Worksheets, style assignments and shopping lists to help you continue on your style journey.

Perfect for you if


You want to bring sexy back and feel so good about yourself, and deservedly so.


You are struggling to discover a style that bring out the best of you from the inside out.


You’re feeling tired and embarassed of wearing the same outfits over and over again.


You would love to work with an image & style expert but are not yet ready to travel to Jakarta or invest in in-person services.


You want me to lay out a detailed transformation blueprint for you to follow at your own pace and comfort level.

Step Further

Get ready to discover a brand new you, and get that fresh start you very much deserve!

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