Tgif (Thank God I’m Fabulous) Makeover

Have you ever seen the pictures of Hollywood celebrities with and without makeup on and wonder, “How differently would you look if you had your own makeover dream team? How would the ‘celebrity’ version of yourself look like?” Imagine looking at your own reflection in the mirror and couldn’t help thinking, “Damn girl, you look hot!” Imagine how when you walk into a room at a networking events and you realise the people you made new acquaintances with seem charmed by just how amazing you look. Imagine getting ahead in your career and having much more fun in your love life simply because you know how to play up your beauty game. Why don’t we make that a reality?

Together with a celebrity makeup artist, we’ll get you your own winning beauty look that brings out that inner goddess in you: sexy and sultry; youthful and innocent; or simply drop dead gorgeous. And the best part? I’ll help you get your hands on the secret tools and learn the tricks of the trade, so you could master and recreate your own signature ‘celebrity’ look. From this day on, you’ll maximise your beauty potential, and you’ll never look less than your best.

What’s included


A personalised beauty roadmap describing the idea and concepts behind your beauty makeover. This is the strategy we develop by tactfully merging your aspirations, lifestyles, inner personality and facial features strengths. You’ll get a clear idea of what your beauty transformation would be like before your experience the actual makeover.


A beauty makeover session with me and a celebrity makeup stylist. Here, you’ll experience the most remarkable beauty makeover the celebrity way, where we turn you into the most alluring and gorgeous version of yourself. It will be such a rewarding experience for you.


A one-on-one shopping experience with me, where I help you get the cosmetics and beauty tools that you need to re-create the look on your own. If you want me to help you find a new perfect pair of glasses or new pairs of contact lenses in colours that suit you, we’ll shop together for those too. You want me to help convey a new haircut idea with a hairstylist to complement your new signature look? Let’s do that too!


Another one-on-one session with me where I help you learn to do your own signature makeup. I’ll show you every steps and tricks for you to practice, essentially turning you into your very own celebrity makeup artist! I’ll even show you some hairstyling hacks you could do to get the most of your new hairstyle. Oh, we'll have so much fun!


A personalised digital booklet that serve as your beauty makeover diary with all the information and beauty tips you need to stay on top of your beauty game. Once you know how to be your most gorgeous self, there's simply no turning back!

Perfect for you if


You want to live out your most beautiful self, and leave no opportunities unseized.


You believe your wonderful personality deserves an equally beautiful face to go with it.


You want to be more desired both in your career and personal life. It’s time to act on it.


You want to be sure that you’re not wasting any of your beauty potential. You know how some people don’t seem to appreciate nor make the best of what they’re born with? Yea, you’re not going to be one of them.


You want to have more than one ‘face’. Imagine how fun it would be to have the coveted skills to transform your bare face into many different versions of truly beautiful looks every single time you feel like it.

Step Further

Your wonderful personality deserves an equally beautiful face to go with!

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