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You’re a highly successful person in your industry and understand well the importance of looking your best every single time you appear in the public. You may or may not have a great sense of style or know how to dress, but one thing for sure, you know you don’t have enough time in the world to figure it out or do it on your own. You need someone who has a clear understanding of your personal and professional image, someone who truly understand your taste, and someone qualified to play that vital role behind the success of your public persona. You want to consistently nail the style game on your way up, hence for you style transformation is not a one time thing, but rather, a continuous journey.

Never again feel the embarassment of attending an event just to find out that you’re underdressed or not exuding enough power. Never again feel like it’s you against the world when it comes to style and prestige. From now on, you’re not alone, I’ve got your back. You’re going to look elegant, cool and never boring in every single outfit you step out wearing. You’ll be the epitome of a welldressed, charming gentleman.

What’s included


Among the ways of how you could make the best use of your on-one-session with me: getting you your bespoke or made to measure suits, selecting fabrics for your custom-made shirts, getting you the most impeccable hairstyle, dressing you for special occasions, important shopping sessions, devising new creative directions for your style evolution, fittings, and many others as needed to keep your style and overall image in tip-top shape.


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Perfect for you if


You know that looking good is a vital competitive advantage and a key winning factor for someone in your profession or social standing.


You want to craft and build a personal or professional image that is powerful and always commands respect, so you'll finally get the attention you deserve.


You know your time is best allocated elsewhere, and would rather have a trusted image & style expert back you up, so you’re always in the lead.


You want your style to evolve and grow with you in your journey of becoming your most successful self, for you understand this should be a continuous process.

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Because you did not come to this world just to be average. You aim for greatness!

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