In positive psychology, vantage point is the viewpoint from which you observe the facts that you will perceive as your reality.

A reality that’s based on only one vantage point is limited and full of blind spots, basically you’re seeing only very little parts of the whole truth. Being able to add vantage points will allow you to see things in a fresh perspective, exposing you to better ideas and more possibilities.

How is adding vantage points important for turning you into a happiness superhero? It allows you to see alternative realities from the first reality you notice, that is equally true. And often this triggers valuable changes not only in your perspective, but also your creativity and motivation.

You’ll also be happier when you’re able to see more positive attributes you could associate with all aspects in your life, from your workplace to your home. Let’s say you just met your partner’s parents for the first time. The words that are likely to pop up in a negative brain would be, “intimidating” or “stress” or “awkward”. Someone who has learned to add vantage points will also be able to see additional ones like, “the pair who raised the love of my life”, “opportunity to impress”, “chance to get ahead in this relationship”, “my future parents in-law.”

Training your brain to attach more positive attribute to the things you see, the task you have to do, or situation you find yourself in will improve your brain’s flexibility to perceive the most valuable reality for you to get ahead. Aim to have at least three positive descriptors for every negative descriptor you attach to something. Try this experiment for a week, and you’ll see more things to appreciate than ever before.


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